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Thaumic Pugilism

Underlord is a two player game where you play a wizard dueling another wizard. Your spells and magical powers are represented by cards. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by attacking them with creatures known as units.

Damage is power

As you take damage from your opponent’s attacks, you have more mana on your turn, which allows you to play more cards. The closer you are to losing, the stronger you are. And since you take 1 damage every turn, you are always closer to losing.

Hidden Information

Cards are played face-down, so your opponent doesn’t know what you played. Most of the time, you have a chance to try and disrupt what your opponent has done - provided you can guess what it is.

Asymmetric decks

There’s a playstyle for everyone in Underlord. Perhaps you would enjoy playing the Thieves, with their ability to steal face-down cards by guessing what they are. Or possibly the Mariners, who can flood the battlefield to play powerful Aquatic cards. Or maybe you have an interesting idea for a deck that isn’t yet in the game; in that case, you can suggest it on the GitHub page.

Read more about the factions here.


Want to play the game? Get the client.

Want to work on the client? You can find the client repo here.

Want to run your own server / work on the server? You can find the server repo here.

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